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Get the Only Yellow Grease Operated Fuel Burner

Proficient Yellow Heat Burner

Have you been looking for an alternative of a conventional oil burner? We are the dealers of eco-friendly yellow heat burners that emit  98% less greenhouse gases as compared to the conventional burner.

Homestead is the world's only yellow grease operated fuel burner that has been patented for conversion into a conventional oil burner to operate in low-cost vegetable oil fuel.
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Do You Want Title 5 Inspection Done on Your Property?

We would like to inform you that according to the Title 5 of the Massachusetts Environmental Code (310 CMR 15.00), every residential or commercial property needs to be scrutinized, following every 2 years of a sale. The experts at Homestead will provide you with extensive septic system inspection services. Call us now!
Call us to find out about our yellow grease burner.
We are the only supplier of biodiesel. You can help the environment by just switching from a conventional burner to a yellow heat burner!
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